1. Emphasizing working in team spirit.
2. Providing a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary programmes to educate undergraduate and graduate for wider outlook in professional & management problems.
3. Focussing on both the academic andpractical aspects of business.
4. Developing unique approach to general management in the national context.
5. To equip those already holding managerial positions at various levels with latest in the modern management concept and techniques to enable them to strengthen their professional abilities.
6. To conduct research in various fields and contribute to the growth of knowledge on management.
7. To provide and conduct need based training programmes for the Executives of Business Organizations and Public Systems.


In the New Education policy, priority has been accorded to education for women. The planning process in India intends to the strengthen the contribution of women in economic development. The liberal education could not fully exploit this latent force for development. The Non-Conventional Courses will ensure higher participation of women in the task of national development and reconstruction. Our Non-Conventional courses will exploit the special abilities of women to direct them towards productive activity.

This will be more relevant in the context of rural background, where the rate of dropouts is higher amongst women-folk after the secondary schooling. The newly designed Non-Conventional courses will increase their inherent skills, to empower women the power of knowledge and thereby increase employment opportunities. These courses will help women to take up multi-dimensional role in the changing economic structure wherein new job opportunities might be available to them, provided they come to expectations of the modern world which values skills and specific knowledge. The Non-Conventional Vocational Courses like 1) Food Technology and Management 2) Interior Design and Decoration and 3) Dress Making and Fashion Co-ordination, impart the specific knowledge and skills to empower the women with the changes taking place in the Indian economy.


To promote equal opportunities in higher education in vocational education for women student community. To educate and prepare girls student community for vocational and professional excellence to face the need of changing economic condition and business policies of the government.


By adopting variety of modern pedagogues

1. To facilitate Women in understanding, developing interaction and applying core and specialized concepts and practices.
2. To prepare Women student academically
3. To update Women in a different vocations and professions to face the future challenges of market by providing them laboratory and field practical training.


1. Promoting sense of belongingness, confidence and fulfill the expectations of Women community and society at large.
2. Imparting high quality value based career oriented education to Women students and encouraging to them self employment.
3. Developing a systematic approach in solving the problems at specific and universal context.
4. Encouraging on team spirit and working in team.